Machinery and Agriculture

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Our product range covers propshafts, steer axles and PTO drivelines to cover most static machinery, plant machinery and agricultural machinery.

Popular types of propshaft for these applications are as follows.

Mechanics Propshafts

These propshafts are usually bolted directly to the gearbox or transfer box and come in a range of sizes from 2C and 14.5C

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Agricultural Propshafts

Agricultural propshafts come in many different variations and contain various different fittings such as slip clutches, overrunning clutches, torque limiters and wide angle applications. We are an authorised distributor for SPAREX range of PTO shaft parts and complete shafts.

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Industrial Propshafts

By far the largest propshafts on the market. These are found in static machinery such as metal processing plants and paper mills.

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