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After such a good weekend at the national Kit Car Show i thought we had better let people know about kit car builds.
Thank you very much if you came to say hello over the weekend.
The JBA Falcon we had on the stand was a massive hit.
Here it is again if you missed it.

Kit car propshafts, Self Build Projects, Vintage cars, Stock cars and anything else that can be made in a garage.

We do lots of these types of propshafts. Over the years we must have made a propshaft to fit nearly every transmission to every diff. This might be a slight exaggeration but I’m sure we won’t be far off.
Some recent examples:
Subaru Transmission to Ford Diff
Ford Transmission to Rover Diff
Mazda Transmission to BMW Diff
BMW Transmission to Ford Diff
Hayabusa Transmission to Ford Diff

Popular kit car makes such as Locost, Beauford, Caterham, Westfield, JBA, Robin Hood, Great British Sprts cars, Haynes, Ribble Kits.

So far we haven’t come up against a combination that can’t be sorted.

In the Kit Car word the most popular donor vehicles are definitely the Fords, especially the Type 9 Transmission. This has become almost a standard and this means that propshafts for these types of Kit cars are made within a few hours off the shelf from standard parts. This means that we can make some standard shaft for under the £100 mark.
We do gets lots of people asking us to balance or repair their homemade propshafts but with the cost being so low on some builds it might be worth giving us a call to see if it’s worth your time and effort making a propshaft. Remember propshaft failures can be pretty catastrophic especially seeing as in a lot of self builds or kit cars the propshaft is merely inches from the driver’s body.
We had a customer who had made his own propshaft for his Stock car, unfortunately it failed within a few laps and came through the bottom of the car into his bottom (pretty painful).

As I said there are hundreds of possible combinations so please give us a call or fill in one of our technical questionnaires and we can have a look what we can do for you. http://www.northwestpropshafts.com/technical-info

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