Interaxle Propshaft Problems

We are often asked about interaxle propshaft failures. The interaxle propshaft is sometimes known as the bogie propshaft. This is the short shaft that sits between the twin rear axels of 8 wheeled tippers.

The main problem with these shafts is universal joint failure. This is caused by a combination of factors. Firstly, the interaxle prop on most vehicles works on quite a steep compound angle. This creates a lot of heat in the universal joints which in turn reduces the life of the universal joints. Secondly, the universal joints require regular greasing and this is usually overlooked. Granted some of them don’t have grease nipples so can’t be greased but they should still be regularly checked as a preventative maintenance measure.

If you do need to change the universal joints we recommend using branded European universal joints as the quality is significantly higher.
You can easily check the quality by asking your supplier or by checking the universal joint caps for the branding. Look out for SKF or INA as these are excellent quality.

Needless to say we have universal joints to suit all interaxle prop shafts and we also have complete propshafts on shelf for all popular vehicles such as.

Remember that preventative maintenance can save lots of money in the long run, so grease or check on a regular basis or bring it in to one of our depots and we can check it for early signs of wear for free.

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