Genuine Mercedes Vito Propshafts

Due to high demand we now have the common Mercedes Vito Propshafts in stock at both Coppull and Salford workshops.
We are still offering a repair service on Mercedes Vito Propshafts but we are starting to see more and more that are damaged beyond repair.
The second universal joint back from the gearbox seems to be the joint that fails the most.
If the joint is still intact then there is a good chance that it can be replaced but if the cap is broken on the inside then it needs to be stripped to check if it can be saved.
If you think you are getting a vibration coming from the propshaft then get it checked out as soon as possible as a preventative repair can save hundreds of pounds in the long run.
The most common part numbers are

  • A6394103006
  • A6394103406
  • A6394103206
  • A6394103306
  • A6394103506
    If your not sure what you want then just let us have your Registration Plate Number and we can do the rest.

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